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This is a sensitive and helpful analysis, and I'm feeling supported by Jay when he critiques the Left call for "ceasefire," but the conclusion of a two state solution is sadly intellectually false.

Netanyahu and the far right in Israel are a disaster, that's been obvious to many for years; now it's crystal clear to the entire world. But a two state solution is the answer? If it had been the answer it would have happened by now. It could have happened many times in the past, as readers or Jays' are undoubtedly aware, from the Peel Commission to many other moments of diplomatic hope.

Even if we can imagine some miraculous diplomatic breakthrough that ends the current war and creates a Palestinian state, what would it look like? Would it be Switzerland or would it be Syria?

Many analysts note that if Israel were to withdraw completely from PA controlled parts of the West Bank, Hamas would literally decapitate Fatah leadership in days, like the Taliban in Afghanistan. Palestine would become a terror state in short order. Gazan limited control has proved this. In other words, if the (fairly elected) Gazan government does October 7th with limited control of Gaza, what would they do with actual sovereignty in Gaza and the West Bank?

If Palestinians were somehow able to defeat Hamas from within - that's a huge if- then Palestine would still most likely be an illiberal kleptocracy where no one asks your pronouns. It would most likely resemble other Arab states. I hope I'm wrong, but considering Abbas hasn't held an election in years, I don't see any evidence that Palestine would be a democracy.

I think Jay is a smart and knowledgeable source, so I challenge him to revisit what I think is a canard or a virtue signaling position to the Left ("don't hate me for supporting Israel, I'm in favor of a two state solution!") and come up with better ideas, or better yet, acknowledge there aren't any.

Until a majority Palestinians want a peaceful state, and can make alliances with other sources of power to eradicate mafia-like terror groups within their midst, they won't have sovereignty.

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